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Damghan wire and cable company

In addition to holding a certificate and having a specialty lab, Damghan Company has a standard product approval from the Institute of Standards and Industrial Research of Iran and the ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System certification and a certificate from the national regulatory institute and with its highly-experienced and committed team of experts and standard equipment and machinery is among the leading wire and cable manufacturers that produces 2000 tons of copper and 1000 tons of aluminum annually. The main policy of Damghan wire and cable Company is to make sure the consumers are satisfied with the quality of their products which are manufactured based on international standards and precise quality control systems.
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Customer support and orientation

Focusing on the aftersales services

Damghan wire and cable company (Behfar) believes protecting customer rights and following a customer-oriented policy are keys to the survival of this manufacturing unit and a particular focus on the aftersales services, especially the durable consumer products is one of the main criteria to help the company progress.

Product warranty certificate

Granting warranty certificate and aftersales services has been one of the most important criteria towards protecting customer rights and orientation and the company survival and growth over the past years.

Providing technical details

Providing the customers with technical and practical information about products is a key management policy to gain customer trust.

Returning damaged products

Any defected or damaged product manufactured by the company during the warranty period will get replaced or the customer will get refunded based on the warranty conditions.
Attracting loyal customers

Aftersales services

the high quality of the products and competitive and reasonable pricing are the necessary conditions for success in selling goods, however, the aftersales services are key to the high demand of the product in the market, so focusing on the customer demands plays an important role in maintaining market growth and expansion.

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Products manufactured by Damghan Wire and Cable Company

Damghan Wire and Cable Company has experienced increasing growth in recent years and become an active wire and cable manufacturer capable of supplying the demands of different construction projects throughout the country.
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